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7180 Nolensville Rd, Suite 1G
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Mix It Up

Our craft cocktails rival any swanky spot you’ll find downtown. Here at Happenstance, we ditched the traffic and tourists while keeping the adventure and flair. 

Happenstance provides both classic cocktails and fresh takes on your favorite foundations. We love time-tested traditions while adding a dash of our signature style. As Nolensville’s premiere place to be, our cocktails are the perfect way to begin or end any evening.

Signature Cocktails

Prices below include liquor tax.

*Consuming raw egg my increase your risk of food borne illness

Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

Reyka vodka, muddled arugula (trust us), Chareau, lime, agave


Elder Fashion

Old Forester Rye, muddled orange and Luxardo cherry, elderflower, cinnamon, splash of spiced orange ginger ale


Kickin’ Mule

St. George green chili vodka, lime, hellfire bitters, ginger beer


Voodoo Punch

Monte Lobos mezcal, ancho reyes, pomegranate, lime, orange bitter



Once Upon a Time in Mexico

 Tanteo jalapeno tequila, Banhez mezcal, pineapple, lime, simple 




Old Forester rye, Camus cognac, Banane du Brésil, absinthe, angostura, demerara



Fancy Pants

 Plymouth sloe gin, passion fruit, lemon, cava


Nolo Sour

New Riff bourbon, lemon, simple, Quinta de la Rosa tawny port



Pink Cockatoo

Grey goose pear vodka, hibiscus, velvet falernum, orgeat, lime, hibiscus bitters 


Wendy Peffercorn 

     Woodford bourbon, black cherry peppercorn, cherry bitters


Ask your bartender / server about our non-alcoholic cocktail offerings!


Boujie Rita

Corralejo reposado, lime, Mount Rigi, Banane du Brésil, orgeat


Joe’s Hot Date

Peanut Butter Whiskey, Ancho reyes, agave, chocolate chili bitters, aztec chocolate bitters



Olmec’s Blue Barracuda

Zaya rum, Plantation 3 star rum, Captain Morgan spiced rum, velvet falernum, pomegranate, pineapple, lime, orgeat

   *limit 2 per person  *add CBD for $2



Sage Advice

Old Forester rye, thyme, sage infused honey, lemon, muddled sage, egg white*



Bulleit bourbon, Chareau, lemon, & muddled blackberry


Wine with Us

With innovative serving technology, you can enjoy a glass of wine, or experience a sample before deciding on a glass or bottle. Simply get your wine card upon arrival, select a wine you’d like to sample, and choose how many ounces you’d like to enjoy. The beauty of this approach empowers you to taste as many wines as you’d like; each bottle is kept lively and delicious. 

From your favorite vintage you love to the new favorite you haven’t tried yet, the wine wall has something for every taste and preference. We’ve worked tirelessly to select wines from various regions that bring a sense of adventure and class to the table. Ensuring we have the perfect wine selection for any evening out of the house. 

Take your time, enjoy the company, and pass the evening tasting as many exciting wine selections as you please. Did you fall in love with a wine you tasted? Hey, it happens. That’s why we’ve made it easy to purchase a bottle of any wine for the table to enjoy.



Come visit the wine wall for all ounce selections.  Liquor and sales tax included in all ounce selections via machine. Prices below include liquor tax.

Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon

North Coast, California

Smoky, full-bodied, savory spicy notes, toasted oak, cherry


The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon

California  2017

Blackberry, fig, toasted cedar, hints of mocha


Fleuers de Prairie Rose

Cotes de Provence, Provence, France

Delicate flavors of red fruit, black currant and lemon, bright, crisp 


Talley Bishop’s Peak Pinot Noir

San Luis Obispo County  2017

Fresh red berries, cherry, juice, spice


McManis Merlot

Lodi, California  2018

Smoke and sage aromas meld with cherry and wood-smoke


Bolla Le Origini Amarone bella Valpolicella Classico Riserva

Veneto, Italy   2009

     full bodied and velvety, ripe tannins, notes of plum, cocoa, and spice


Copertino Riserva Red  (95% Negroamaro/Malvasia Nera)

Puglia, Italy 2009

   full, dark fruit, old world earthiness, leather 



Prices below include liquor tax.

Mont Marcal Brut Cava

Bottle – 51 | Glass – 13

Collet Champagne

Bottle – 125

L & E Sorriso Prosecco

Bottle – 50 | Glass – 12

GH Mumm Champagne Cordon Rouge

Bottle – 120

Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc

Bottle – 115 | Glass – 24

Pasqua Passimento Prosecco Rose

Veneto, Italy 2019 

dry, red fruit, refreshing acidity 

Bottle – 57 | Glass – 14


Come visit the wine wall for all ounce selections.  Liquor and sales tax included in all ounce selections via machine. Prices below include liquor tax.

Paul Hobbs Crossbarn Chardonnay

Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County, California

Slate, lemon rind, honeysuckle, apple skin, white stone fruit


Pasqua Passimento White (100% Garganega)

Veneto, Italy 2017

Dried apricot, honey, citrus


Koha Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand 2020

     grapefruit, gooseberry, melon, citrus, mineral


J. Wilkes Pinot Blanc

Santa Maria Valley, California 2019

Tart green apple, citrus, peach, pear, nice minerality, refreshing; well-balanced acidity ; SIP certified–use of sustainable practices




Prices reflect 1.5 oz shot / 2 oz pour

All whiskey drink prices include liquor tax.

Angel’s envy bourbon

Finished in port wine barrels

12.75 / 17

Bulleit Bourbon

8 / 10

Crown Royal

Canadian whiskey

8 / 11

Eagle Rare Bourbon

Aged 10 years

9 / 12

George Dickel TN Sour Mash Whiskey

5 / 7

Jack Daniels Black

Tennessee sour mash whiskey

7 / 9

Maker’s Mark Bourbon

9 / 11

New Riff Rye

9 / 12

Russell’s Reserve Bourbon

10 yr


Stagg Jr Bourbon

12 / 16

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

9 / 12

Weller Special Reserve

10 / 14

Basil Hayden

8 Year

10.5 / 14

Blanton’s Bourbon

Single barrel KY bourbon whiskey

16 / 20

Davidson Reserve Bourbon

Small batch TN straight wheat bourbon whiskey

9.75 / 13

Four Roses Bourbon

6 / 8

High West Whiskey

Double rye

8 / 10

Larceny Bourbon

Small batch KY straight bourbon whiskey

$6 / $8

Monkey Shoulder

Small batch blended malt scotch whiskey

8 / 11

Nelson’s Green Brier TN Whiskey

6 / 8

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

13.5 / 18

Whistle pig rye

Aged 10 yrs

18 / 24

Weller Antique 107

15.75 / 21

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

6 / 8

Crown Royal Black

Blended Canadian Whiskey

7.5 / 11

EH Taylor Bourbon

Small batch KY bourbon whiskey

9 / 12

Glen Grant

Single malt scotch whiskey, aged 12 years

12 / 16

Highland Park

Single malt scotch whiskey, 12 yrs old

14 / 17


16 year old islay single malt scotch whiskey

19 / 26

New Riff Bourbon

9 / 12

Old Forester Rye

7 / 9

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

7.5 / 9

Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon

12 / 16

Wheeler’s Raid Sherry Cask Finish Bourbon #8

11.25 / 15

20% gratuity will be added to parties of eight or more

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